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One of the main advantages of 3D modeling is that your ideas and visions easier to introduce the observer. In this way you can view the on-screen form from all sides. With the help of a 3D printer, you can print and physically hold model in your own hands. 3D services can be of great assistance to entrepreneurs who have ideas and want to present these ideas to others. This services can also help architects, computer scientist, 3D printers and everyone who wants to see their ideas in a tangible form.

3D modeling for 3D printing

3D modeling for 3D printers requires technical processing of the workpiece so that it does not result in printing errors. This service insures that the design is in full compliance with 3D printing, so that the final product fully meets all of your expectations.

3D visualization of objects, products, buildings (houses)

3D visualization brings a special addition to the world of design, as it allows for an extremely realistic recreation of a certain idea or plan in 3D. In this way, you can view any object in real time and, if necessary, make any adjustments or changes. In 3D visualization, special care is taken in the selection of colors and materials, so that the image is rendered realistically. A finished 3D visualization can be used in various graphical displays or presentations.

3D objects for 3D games

For the modeling of 3D objects for 3D games I use selected techniques that are are perfectly adapted to the selected media for the correct end result. Special attention is devoted to creating the right texture, color and edges to facilitate the smooth operation of video games. In modeling 3D objects for 3D games, I am meticulous and attentive to all the details, refining them and adapting them to each client's requirements.

3D animation

Let 3D animations revive your product. This type of model has added movement that allows your product to appear in its greatest glory. The technique is also suitable for producing 3D commercials, company presentations as well as creating other promotional materials to help you stand out from the crowd and impress your customers.

3D modeling course

I am offering group or individual courses in 3D modeling. Subject and level are adjusted for each individual so that beginners can learn the basics and those with pre-existing knowledge can learn more advanced techniques of 3D modeling. The course is based on practical view modeling techniques. The course can be conducted at any location in Slovenia.